Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCarthy to Tok

It was a long ride out of McCarthy to Chitina and an even longer one to Tok. I arrived around 9pm and took one of the standing tents at Eagles Claw. It is starting to rain and it will get cold during the night.
Decided to stay an extra night so spent the day catching up on laundry, another oil change (I've done 8,500 km to date) and I changed the front tyre. By mid afternoon the Californian BMW pair rode into town - this is the 4th time we have crossed paths - and we shared a beer on the side of the road.
More and more bikes were arriving in town, most were to stay the night and there was not a bed left in town. The Eagle Claw site filled to overflowing and we sat round a fire BSing till midnight. All the riders at Eagle Claw were heading towards Dawson for the Dust 2 Dawson solstice ride and had for the most part ridden in from Anchorage.

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