Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vancouver Island

Inside Passage

Qualican camping ground

The ferry left at 7.30am so it was an early rise and a painless embarkation. There were a couple of road bikers also embarking and they looked clean and washed. My bike and me looked looked like we had just come out of the bush. I suppose we had to some extent.
The boat trip was not as interesting as I had expected based on what others had said. If you have been through Queen Charlot sound in Marlborough then you have seen the inside passage. This one just happened to last 12 hours. All the same I was very relieved not to be riding to Vancouver so this was a relaxing day.
We arrived at Port Hardy at 10.45pm and it was pitch black so I put my tent up in the dark for the first time. No bugs.
Tue 1 July
Today is Canada day, it is warm and sunny so I stay the day. I wash my cloths and the bike and generally relax. At 7pm all the campers gathered together for cake to celebrate Canada day and just for good measure they had one with an American flag for the 4th of July. Interesting bunch of people. Many are here for the summer with their motorhomes while others seem to be permanent such as the ex biker who has turned to booze and Jan who is running away from a troubled past.
Wed 2 July
The ride to Nanaimo where I catch the ferry to the mainland is around 400 k so I take my time wandering down the coast and stay the night in a native american owned camp site right on the sea shore at Qualican. The weather is now pleasant and warm. Tomorrow I catch the ferry to the mainland.

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